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Friday, April 7th, 2006
10:10 pm
long tym...
well damn!! i can't believe how much james is gonna get when he turns 18!!! i forgot y too!! ahaha...max is gonna get $100,000 too!!!! but james gets $500,000!!!!!! =O rich lil ppl!!! man i gotta call max soon!! haha...too into KH2 lately!! haha riku is sooo fine!!! love that hottie!!!! <3333 well the game was the bomb!! beat it in THREE days!!! wowzers!! i gotta get bakk to makin cranes cuz i made some bet that i can make 1,000 by the end of this month! hopefully i can do it!! haha... i got some hundred right now...well been dating max for 5 months now....wow...seems so much longer...haha...i also gotta catch up on watching anime and emails since SOME LIL BOI jux HAD to spill water on the freakin laptop!!! gosh!! well gonna be bakk soon!! yay!! =D

Current Mood: cheerful
Monday, March 20th, 2006
4:52 pm
dang!! today i'm soo hyper!! got so much candy to eat!! <333 hahaha!! well i finished "paradise kiss" is was ssssssoooo GOOD!!! I really liked it!!! <333 it was sad at the end...man!! i gotta to find a new anime to watch!! actually not....i have to so many that i wanna watch!! and some new dramas too!! man!! so busy!! man!! I miss lailia and mailee!!!='( *sigh*....well i can't believe that full metal alchemist ended!!!!!=O i was in total shock when i saw the last episode!!!! omg!! it was soooo sad!!!! i hope they end up deciding to continue it!!!>.< man!! can't wait til chee brings me fushigi yuugi the movie!! the first and second one!!! ^^ im sooo excited!!! <333 man!!! gotta study for tomororows math test!! shiat!! i fell like imma fail that...>.> okay well i guess i'll just leave it here and then maybe end up coming back to post more. =) buh baiz!!

-noudles <3 chocolate!!-

Current Mood: hyper
Sunday, March 12th, 2006
3:52 pm
thanks to krispy_kira, i got a new user pic!!! ^^ thank u sooooooo much!!! ^^ man!! DNAngel is soooo gewd!!! i've been really into it lately!!! <333 love it!!! okay back to getting the OST's!! ^^ oh yeah!! man i LOVE se7en's new albums!! ^^

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, March 3rd, 2006
10:48 pm
Happy Birthday!!!
wowers!! haven't been on this site for a while or actuall online period!! man!! i've been TOO into watching movies and dramas these days i don't even g online n e mnore!! but that a habbit i gotta get outta anyways!! ombob!! i jux finished watchin sad love story today!! wat a SAD SAD ending!! ='( i thought it was sad but not sad enough to cry ofr..haha!! ok well happy birthday to my oldest brother Her Doua!! WOW!! hr's officially 20 FREAKEN years old!! the last tym I remember him he was only 18!! and happy b day to all the other ppl i forgot to say it to..like kia! happy b-day grl..and meng! happy bday lil boi!! gosh these days i have been so busy!! and i've been doin a lot of chores around the house and helping out! man!! i'm exausted!! man!! i SO gotta go buy my black shoes for my concert!! omBOB!!! it's on marh 16!!! =O man!! it's almost tym!!! but i'm ready!! always have been always will be!! ^^ gonna have to wear the usual black skirt and shoes with a white shirt....so se to that routine..i always whine about wearing a skirt but then i know i want to wear it n e was!! haha!! funny!!=D hmm...should i go for a solo if we have em?? man!! today i had to go and sing in front of the class cuz they were freking pickin on meh!! haha!! i can't believe JUSTIN actuall went up there to sing!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!! yay!!! i'm so happy that lailia got a chance to email me bakk!!! YAY!!! i was so happy!! man i miss that lil girl!! ='( i wanna talk to her more often!! but now she can't go online eeryday like she used to...OH MAH BOB!!! she got herself a BF!!! haha!! wow!! i want the four double one on that boi!! well she's gonna give meh the info on them and im kinda tired right now plus its gettin late and lately i've been staying up to watch sad love story so i gotta go to sleep right now...PEACE!! ahaha!! =D

-chika <3

Current Mood: tired
Saturday, February 18th, 2006
1:00 pm
oh mah gosherz!!!!
i can't believe it!!!! oh mah gosh!!! yesterday night der was crying!!! oh mah gosh!! hven't seen that in a while!! well she tried to cove it up but it didn't work...cuz we all knew and so we asked her y n she jux said nothing...yay!!! extra long weekend fo me!!! man!! it's alot of work trying to fix ying's atown page!!! man its cold!!im jux gonna sleep in!!

Current Mood: cold
Thursday, February 16th, 2006
10:05 pm
im speechless.....
well man!! i keep telling myself that i'm gonna try to come n update daily but i just can't!!! >.< so my valentine's day was good!! i love my gift that i got for my bf and the one that he got me!!! love him so much!! ^.^ can't believe dao's in korea right now!!! gosh!!! how unfair!! i wanna be there!! and mim's up in japan where dao will be going after korea!!! gosh!!! im so jealous!! im glad that koua and chee got back together!!! they make a very cute couple!! mayna broke up with her bf i feel sad for her but i guess wif thats what they want cuz they talked it out n it's all b/c of their families!! man!! i swear this is like my little diary online or something. haha!! ^O^ it's so unfair how koua works with pioneer press!!! man!! he probally gets paid alot!! and his daily plans are so tiring!! he goes to work at 1:30 AM!!!! then comes home at 4:30 AM then stays up til 6:30 to go to school. then stays up til 10 PM or so talking to chee then he goes to sleep and does the same routine. damn!! i was be so tired out!!! he probally makes a lot of money so he got a cell phone now too!!! omg!!! im soooo jealous!!! ok gtg eat quickly before i got to sleep..haha kinda late now...haha oh well!!its all gewd!!

Current Mood: hungry
Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
7:11 pm
wow...MIA for a while....AGAIN!! haha
man...im tired....haha...well not much to say but i woke up late to school today....haha...but what a stressful day...imma go to sleep early so buh baiz!!!

oh yeah!!! omg!! my cuz mite get married!!!!=O omg!!! and he might have a kid!!! omg!!! ut i don't think that grls kid is his....better not be!!

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
9:58 pm
wow...MIA for a while....oh well!! haha
man i haven't been on for a while now...but its all good. =)man!! i think i have to reschedule my aappointment to the salon b/c this saturday(the day i'm suppose to go to the spa)we're having kinda like a going away party!!>.< man!!! my mom probally wants us to stay so yeah...darn!!! but atleast if we reschedule i get to go. ^^ soo hmm....whats new?? well i don't really know... but wowzers!! on saturday the 4th is going to be me and my boyfriends 3rd month dating!! yay!! => yeah atleast he remembered...unlike some pepole!! haha jk jk... so i don't know what to get him for valentines day!!!>.< man!!! what am i suppose to get a guy anyways?!?! b/c for valentines day everything is soo girly!! so i don't know anymore!! maybe i should just give him some candy..hehe...that seems to be the best idea i've had so far...so i guess i'll just do that. man i can't wait til panyia gets home!! omg!! she better be done DLing all those dramas too!!! cuz i want to watch them!!!!! ok i think its kinda late now and i'm going to go to sleep...oh yea!!i h8 it how everytime lailia calls me the phone i busy or im not home!! darn!!! i miss her sooo much since she moved to oklahoma!!! gosher!! but atleast we still email eachother...and she can't call me often either..b/c her parents don't let her call long distance...man i feel bad for chee...but she's moving back with her dad b/c of her mom..ok be back later..or tomorrow..hehe....

Current Mood: calm
Sunday, January 29th, 2006
7:39 pm
ouch!!! >.
Gosh!! I don't know what I did to my elbow but it really hurts as if I hit it!! Which I don't remember to... But man, today I was suppose to go to this one Lao Family thingy....but ended up not going..haha...Man!!! I'm trying to print out some pics for chee...but the ink is already running out!!! =O Darn!!! I guess I'll have to go do it at school...Hopefully when I go to the lab... Man!! Today there were so many people over!! But atleast it wasn't loud. Huh...had nothing to do..just went to the mall for a little while...Man! I have to go to sleep early today b/c I'm planning on waking up at 4:30 am tomorrow to curl my hair for school. MAN!!! I'm gonna br T-I-R-E-D!!!! But man!!! I can't wait until Panyia gets the dramas so I can watch!!! Oh My Gosh!!! I just got some new slippers and they are sooooo comfortable!!!haha..



Current Mood: excited
Friday, January 27th, 2006
2:45 pm
back to write more..
wow!! just saw k's new MV!! its pretty good! he's lookin good in their too!! hehe...i like the song a lot too!! ma irght now i'm watching "i'm sorry, i love u" a kdrama. it's getting good!!!=> man i want to watch kimi wa petto sooo much!!!!! goshers!!!>.< i'm goignt o find links for panyia to DL it for me right now! man i have nothing to do this weekend but i guess its ok. don't want to do much anyways. just happy that im done with finals even thought it was so easy and i dind't even have to take it for all my classes!! man now all i have on my mind is high school! gosh!! i totally don't want to go to school anymore!! it sucks!!!!lol can u believe it der wanted to know what i was going to get max(my bf) for valentines day. well actuall i don't know!!>.> how sad....but he said he's not a big fan of choclate so yea.... ok im going to go back to searching for links and watching the movie. man i need to try and come here daily to update my journals. and i need to post up pics of me.

Current Mood: good
2:04 pm
huh....nothing to do...
man, today is so boring!!!>.< no school but nothing to do but watch movies and go online. man i haven't been inline in such a long time...well i'll come back later and update and fix everything...gosh..what a boring day..plus mailee is moving!!!='( but she's going to come to my house on sunday!!! yay!!! the day b 4 she leaves!=)
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