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Happy Birthday!!!

wowers!! haven't been on this site for a while or actuall online period!! man!! i've been TOO into watching movies and dramas these days i don't even g online n e mnore!! but that a habbit i gotta get outta anyways!! ombob!! i jux finished watchin sad love story today!! wat a SAD SAD ending!! ='( i thought it was sad but not sad enough to cry ofr..haha!! ok well happy birthday to my oldest brother Her Doua!! WOW!! hr's officially 20 FREAKEN years old!! the last tym I remember him he was only 18!! and happy b day to all the other ppl i forgot to say it kia! happy b-day grl..and meng! happy bday lil boi!! gosh these days i have been so busy!! and i've been doin a lot of chores around the house and helping out! man!! i'm exausted!! man!! i SO gotta go buy my black shoes for my concert!! omBOB!!! it's on marh 16!!! =O man!! it's almost tym!!! but i'm ready!! always have been always will be!! ^^ gonna have to wear the usual black skirt and shoes with a white se to that routine..i always whine about wearing a skirt but then i know i want to wear it n e was!! haha!! funny!!=D hmm...should i go for a solo if we have em?? man!! today i had to go and sing in front of the class cuz they were freking pickin on meh!! haha!! i can't believe JUSTIN actuall went up there to sing!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!! yay!!! i'm so happy that lailia got a chance to email me bakk!!! YAY!!! i was so happy!! man i miss that lil girl!! ='( i wanna talk to her more often!! but now she can't go online eeryday like she used to...OH MAH BOB!!! she got herself a BF!!! haha!! wow!! i want the four double one on that boi!! well she's gonna give meh the info on them and im kinda tired right now plus its gettin late and lately i've been staying up to watch sad love story so i gotta go to sleep right now...PEACE!! ahaha!! =D

-chika <3
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