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long tym...

well damn!! i can't believe how much james is gonna get when he turns 18!!! i forgot y too!! ahaha...max is gonna get $100,000 too!!!! but james gets $500,000!!!!!! =O rich lil ppl!!! man i gotta call max soon!! haha...too into KH2 lately!! haha riku is sooo fine!!! love that hottie!!!! <3333 well the game was the bomb!! beat it in THREE days!!! wowzers!! i gotta get bakk to makin cranes cuz i made some bet that i can make 1,000 by the end of this month! hopefully i can do it!! haha... i got some hundred right now...well been dating max for 5 months so much longer...haha...i also gotta catch up on watching anime and emails since SOME LIL BOI jux HAD to spill water on the freakin laptop!!! gosh!! well gonna be bakk soon!! yay!! =D
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