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wow...MIA for a while....oh well!! haha

man i haven't been on for a while now...but its all good. =)man!! i think i have to reschedule my aappointment to the salon b/c this saturday(the day i'm suppose to go to the spa)we're having kinda like a going away party!!>.< man!!! my mom probally wants us to stay so yeah...darn!!! but atleast if we reschedule i get to go. ^^ soo hmm....whats new?? well i don't really know... but wowzers!! on saturday the 4th is going to be me and my boyfriends 3rd month dating!! yay!! => yeah atleast he remembered...unlike some pepole!! haha jk jk... so i don't know what to get him for valentines day!!!>.< man!!! what am i suppose to get a guy anyways?!?! b/c for valentines day everything is soo girly!! so i don't know anymore!! maybe i should just give him some candy..hehe...that seems to be the best idea i've had so i guess i'll just do that. man i can't wait til panyia gets home!! omg!! she better be done DLing all those dramas too!!! cuz i want to watch them!!!!! ok i think its kinda late now and i'm going to go to sleep...oh yea!!i h8 it how everytime lailia calls me the phone i busy or im not home!! darn!!! i miss her sooo much since she moved to oklahoma!!! gosher!! but atleast we still email eachother...and she can't call me often either..b/c her parents don't let her call long i feel bad for chee...but she's moving back with her dad b/c of her mom..ok be back later..or tomorrow..hehe....
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