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im speechless.....

well man!! i keep telling myself that i'm gonna try to come n update daily but i just can't!!! >.< so my valentine's day was good!! i love my gift that i got for my bf and the one that he got me!!! love him so much!! ^.^ can't believe dao's in korea right now!!! gosh!!! how unfair!! i wanna be there!! and mim's up in japan where dao will be going after korea!!! gosh!!! im so jealous!! im glad that koua and chee got back together!!! they make a very cute couple!! mayna broke up with her bf i feel sad for her but i guess wif thats what they want cuz they talked it out n it's all b/c of their families!! man!! i swear this is like my little diary online or something. haha!! ^O^ it's so unfair how koua works with pioneer press!!! man!! he probally gets paid alot!! and his daily plans are so tiring!! he goes to work at 1:30 AM!!!! then comes home at 4:30 AM then stays up til 6:30 to go to school. then stays up til 10 PM or so talking to chee then he goes to sleep and does the same routine. damn!! i was be so tired out!!! he probally makes a lot of money so he got a cell phone now too!!! omg!!! im soooo jealous!!! ok gtg eat quickly before i got to sleep..haha kinda late now...haha oh well!!its all gewd!!
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